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Anderson Motorsport Dynojet Chassis Dyno

Why Bring Your Vehicle To Anderson Motorsport For A Dyno Tune?

Our experienced tuners at Anderson Ford Motorsport had over 20 years experience tuning motorcycles and cars at the drag strip and on the street before the 2000 H.P. Dynojet dyno was even purchased in 1996.

Since that date we have sharpened our tuning skills on the Dynojet dyno and retested them at the track to see how they relate to each other. We have learned a lot from this and use that knowledge to tune your car or truck.

To date we have made over 22,100 dyno pulls on the AFM Dynojet, testing and tuning all types of combinations for the 4.6, 5.0 Mustangs, as well as Lightning and Harley trucks. We have also tuned a lot of other brands of cars and trucks, both import and domestic. We feel our overall knowledge of track, street and dyno will give you the best overall tune on your car or truck - not just a dyno tune optimized for the track or street.

When you set up a date for a dyno appointment with us, we will talk to you about your vehicle and use our years of experience to make sure your vehicle has the right equipment to make the horsepower you are looking for on the dyno and the track. No matter if its Supercharged, Nitrous oxide injected, or naturally aspirated.

After your dyno time is completed, we will show you your car's peak horsepower and torque and recommend your best shift point. You will also receive a dyno graph of the best dyno pull with the cars tune and specifications.

So we ask you before you take your pride and joy to just any dyno shop check out there experience first.

We feel you will find that our years of knowledge on tuning all types of vehicles will be hard to surpass.

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