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Thought from the Word

Posted at Mon, Feb 4, 2019 9:00 AM

Isaiah 28:15

“. . .For we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:”

The rulers of Jerusalem had rejected God then they made some bad choices.Many people are making the same bad choices in regards to salvation.They are believing lies concerning their own salvation. There isthe lie that we are, or can be good enough-- that God will allow them into heaven. Then there is the lie that fate or predestination is already determined so there is nothing for us to do about it. Then there is the lie that places confidence in new, false teachings. There is also the lie that religious profession is enough as long as you are sincere about what you believe. Many believe in the lie that one can have their soul saved and and still live an unchanged life. Some believe the lie that trusts an old experience of some kind instead of an ongoing relationship with God.But the Bible tells us that God sent His Son to rescue us from sin, death, and eternal punishment. Jesus died and suffered the chastisement we deserved, and He offers us forgiveness and reconciliation with the Father. And all we have to do is believe and receive Christ’s payment for our sins.Don’t believe a lie put your trust in God’s Word.Praise God He has given us the Bible

God has preserved His Word and it will stand forever-It is to be believed, valued, and obeyed

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