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Thought from the Word

October 20, 2017


Isaiah 22:13

“…let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.”

Many feel this is what life is all about.“Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die” That’s it.But that is not all there to life because there is a “hereafter.” Rev.1:19 God told John to write “the things shall be hereafter”.There is a future hope for us.We go from this life to our future hereafter.One has written:

We will bid adieu to dear ones-
they shall have the tears, but we shall have the joy,
for we go to the islands of the blest,
the land of the hereafter,
the home of the sanctified,
to dwell with God for ages.

What does the hereafter hold for you?With the Lord as your Savior it will be heaven throughout eternity.Without the Lord it will be hell throughout eternity.Receive Jesus today as your Savior.

According to the men of the world — few are going to Hell.
According to the Bible — few are going to Heaven.